Tides Beach Shop


Tides is a fresh modern new build beach shop and café that was designed to replace a dilapidated timber shed structure. It is located within the thriving village of Sandsend and is currently being enjoyed by local residents and tourists.

Despite its petite size it has been meticulously considered so that it is respectful of both its immediate environment, and the wider environment in terms of sustainability.

Its large expanses of bi-fold doors with level thresholds provide an easily accessible building for all. The site planning has also improved the safety of pedestrians by creating a continued path along the main road and a protected walkway along the sea wall.

It’s vaulted ceilings give a lovely experience of height, space and light inside yet externally it is of a modest scale so that fits within the conservation area of Sandsend.

The core building was prefabricated offsite as timber frame panel, which enabled a shorter onsite construction period hence minimising the disruption to the village and the downtime for the Client’s business. The roof and walls are clad in a BRE Green guide A+ materials that provide attractive yet durable finishes in this exposed coastal environment.

The design and construction of this building has supported local businesses by using local professionals and tradesmen.